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Alex Reichert

Train for life

TRAIN ATHLETIC helps you move well, get stronger, and be ready for whatever you take on in life. You do not need to be a professional to have a coach. We aim to simplify training and wellness as we coach the why and how of moving well. We support you by building the disciplines of good nutrition, sleep and stress management, and capitalise on your areas of strength and movement you enjoy.

Stress management

Stress is a part of our lives and it isn’t all bad. It is when stress gets out of hand that it takes its toll on our well-being. Training consistently is an excellent way to help manage stress but also build a strong body and a healthy mind.

Nutrition coaching

Exercising is only one part of healthier choices. What we fuel our bodies with is as important.


Having someone alongside who supports your goals and understands your “why” is crucial in growing sustainable wellness.


Focus on you!

1 on 1

Working 1 on 1 with your coach is the best way to fast track your health goals.

Achieve the results you want with customized workouts, specialised advice, and encouragement.


Small group training
(2-4 per group)

Groups can be put together based on common goals with the benefit of greater accountability and mutual support.



Join one of our existing online training communities or hire a coach to design your own program.

Sport Conditioning

Online Training Community for the high school athlete and young student. Strength, Speed, Agility, Flexibility and Mobility all covered in up to 5 sessions per week.

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